Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer is almost over for my little one

We are now less then a week until my youngest goes back to school(she goes year round). This year she will be heading to 1st grade, while my oldest heads to high school.
This year is going to be different for us, and yes I know that it sounds silly but every since Gracie started daycare, my kids have been no more then a block away from each other at school. Last year the elementary school was right across the street from the middle school. There is something comforting in knowing that your kids are right across the street from each other to me, and this year it is going to not be that way. I talk like they are going to be across town from each other- really they are now going to be about 5 blocks away from each other.
To say that Gracie is strong willed, would be an understatement. When she started school last year to say that we had some issues would also be an understatement. She really is a sweet and kind kid, she just well can be mouthy and does what she wants, when she wants. So last year was a struggle. She wasn't getting into huge trouble, but she wanted to push the limits and see exactly what her teacher was going to going to let her get away with. After MANY calls and visits to the school and lots of time put in by her teacher we finally got her on track and she had a wonderful year. By the end of the year she was like a completely different kid!
So as we now head into 1st grade I am just a little worried that the first weeks are going to be yet another struggle.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Why put your business out on Facebook?

I've notice the last few days that I have some friends that are getting pretty mouthy on Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I love facebook. I love being able to connect with my family and my friends that live far away. I can share pictures, video's, and updates of what my family is up to.
What I do not share on facebook is fighting with my friends, family, and anyone else. I do not post about things that are overly personal. Yes, I might post that I am having a bad day, and that I have dealt with some nasty customers at work, my kids are getting on my last nerve or that I need to go on a vacation, that I wish the xbox would magical disapere out of my house. I think you all get my point.
And yes, I have been gulity of posting somethings that I porbaly should not have ever put out there, but it just seems to me like people don't care much these days to put thier "business" out thier for everyone to see.
Anyone else have friends and family that do this? Does it annoy you too?